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Advertising & Communications Research

Every organisation active in marketing communications wishes for effective advertising, and research input into the process is a critical factor in success.

Research can prove useful in each stage in a communication's development and implementation - from devising the strategy itself, to creative development, to executional details or media performance.

Measuring or understanding or predicting peoples reactions to either a specific communication, or providing a more full understanding of the effect of an organisation's communications more generally, can save an organisation considerable expenditure. It enables communications to be better designed (or selected) for specific target markets, and helps avoid communications and approaches that will prove ineffective.

NRB is active in many areas of advertising and communications research, for public sector clients, advertising agencies, consumer marketers, charitable organisations and others.

We deal with pre and post testing of all forms of copy, television advertisement development and selection (e.g. from overseas markets), corporate communications, demarketing, and website evaluation to name a few.

Some specific methods we use, are:

  • TVCEffect
    A standardised quantitative pretesting measure
  • Perception Analyzer™
    Specially for measuring liking and emotive values of TVCs
  • Focus group based research
    For ideation, concept testing, diagnostics
  • Ad tracking
    To enumerate awareness levels, recall, and persuasion.
  • Customised surveys
    Providing purpose designed research to meet client needs


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