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Brand & Positioning Research

Brands are valuable assets and it is important to keep track of their health, and to understand the factors that effect brand equity.

NRB can provide a variety of brand and strategic marketing related research services - from CATI based surveying, to specialist face-to-face interviews (i.e. where respondents need to see and respond to materials), to specialist in-depth interviews or focus group work.

NRB is experienced in a number of methods of measuring the awareness, brand associations or consumer image of a brand or its competitors. We can produce perceptual maps, determine the extent of brand loyalty, and examine aspects of more subtle aspects of brand personality and identity. With various techniques we can discover and measure emotional and self-expressive benefits of a brand, in addition to the more functional benefits.

Importantly, we can work with our clients to convert research results to actionable strategies.

We welcome enquiries for competitive quotations for brand related research and our suggestions for innovative research approaches.



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