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Central Government Research

Examples of Central Government studies conducted by the NRB

  • Ministry of Justice
    New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey. A nationwide face-to-face CAPI survey with 5,600 respondents about their feelings of safety and experience of crime.
  • Ministry of Health
    New Zealand Tobacco Use Survey. A face-to-face CAPI survey with over 5,000 respondents per sweep to determine smoking and quitting rates, views about smoking, and exposure to second hand smoke.
  • Ministry of Consumer Affairs
    National Consumer Survey on Awareness and Experience of Consumer Legislation. CAPI interviews with 1,000 respondents.
  • Ministry of Health
    New Zealand Health Survey. A face-to-face nationwide CAPI survey with a sample of 12,500 adults and 4,900 children covering many aspects of people's physical health.
  • Department of Internal Affairs
    Gambling Attitudes and Participation Survey. A face-to-face nationwide survey with 1,500 respondents concerning their views and behaviours about gambling.
  • Ministry of Health
    Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey. A nationwide face-to-face CAPI survey with nearly 13,000 adults to establish the prevalence rates of major mental health disorders. Used to gauge the level of disability and use of health services by those with mental disorders.
  • Ministry of Education
    Adult Literacy Survey. Survey of more than 7,000 adults in New Zealand as part of an international study comparing literacy in a number of countries.
  • Defence Committee of Enquiry
    Defence and Security Survey. Nationally representative survey of 1,600 adults concerning their views on current and future defence allowances.
  • Ministry of Health
    Heart Health and Environmental Tobacco Smoke Survey. Series of surveys of between 1,000 and 2,700 adults on attitudes towards dietary and environmental threats to health.
  • Office of Film and Literature Classification
    Public and Professional Views Regarding Appropriateness of Classification Levels of Films and Videos. Qualitative research using focus groups and in-depth executive interviews. Perception Analyzer™ was used to measure response to 14 sample video clips.
  • Land Transport Safety Authority
    Safety Attitudes Monitor. Series of national surveys of 1,600 adults monitoring public attitudes toward road safety initiatives.
  • Ministry of Education
    Teacher Census. A survey of over 40,000 primary and secondary school teachers measuring the range of expertise within the resource.
  • Ministry of Justice
    Physical Discipline of Children. A sample survey of 1,000 adults to measure public opinion regarding smacking and other methods of child discipline.


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