National Research Bureau.  A Research House in New Zealand specialising in social survey research

Company Profile

The National Research Bureau Ltd is a privately owned independent company. It has no external shareholding and is not affiliated to any media, manufacturing or marketing interests. The company has total independence in the selection and execution of its work.

Our core business is to conduct professional research for Government, marketers, and advertisers.

NRB was established in 1968 as a full service market research company. The company was positioned to supply nationwide surveys in contrast to the 'three centres' studies that were common in the late 1960's

This ability to provide nationwide random sample surveys, remains a mainstay of the company's research design offerings.

NRB has an extensive base of fieldworkers which allows rapid interviewing by face-to-face or telephone methods throughout New Zealand. The head office is in Auckland, and there is a network of 27 supervisors strategically located throughout the country.

NRB employs a high standard of professional staff, across a variety of disciplines to provide the high calibre of research and analysis required in contemporary research work.

The skills recruited for and maintained among the researchers include consumer research, applied statistics, behavioral sciences and marketing and communication studies. Our research staff have a high degree of experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methods, and in both small and large scale research projects .


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