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Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

NRB offers a variety of research services that determine the real drivers and levels of customer satisfaction. Several approaches are listed here.



  • Customer loyalty workshops

    These workshops essentially use qualitative techniques (e.g. focus groups incorporating projective and enabling techniques) to explore perceptions of service offerings, customer expectations and views on potential service quality improvements. Qualitative interpretation allows us to unravel the psychological elements of satisfaction / loyalty. We identify aspects of service that can result in lost sales from present customers, risk permanent loss of a customer, or which fail to attract new customers. These workshops often feed usefully into development of statistical measurement and tracking systems.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

    Customer satisfaction surveys are usually purpose designed to suit our clients requirements. Typically surveys will include measurement of the importance versus performance of aspects of service delivery and establish the level of commitment of customers. Analysis can reveal factors affecting switching and thresholds when this occurs. A major output is to identify priority areas for reducing customer dissatisfaction.

  • Lost customer surveys

    Dedicated lost customer surveys concentrate on a segment of customers that some companies forget to research - those that have already 'walked'. Sometimes the most revealing answers about service quality, or perceptions of service quality come from research with these ex-customers. A number of techniques can be used here, both qualitative and quantitative.



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