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Evaluation Studies

Evaluation studies are an NRB core service to Central Government. They assess the role and impact of (mostly) public funded programmes or facilities in addressing an identified need.


Three aspects of evaluation are offered - generally two or more are entailed in each project:

  • Formative
    Assists in the setting up and specifying of the programme. Needs are assessed, delivery standards established, and goals are defined in terms which foresee subsequent measurement of results.
  • Process
    Determines the extent to which actual delivery, conformed to intended, takes in the viewpoint of purchaser, provider and recipient, and assesses how well the process served the purpose. Identifies process improvements desired.
  • Outcomes
    Measures the (mainly) quantifiable outcomes achieved against the targets set. Control group, pre versus post, and statistical outcome modelling is used.

Our experience has been that evaluations require the broadest blend of qualitative, survey and statistical research, followed by mature analysis.

Recent projects have been in the fields of unemployment, education, recreational facilities, and business training.


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