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Information For Participants

Thank you for participating in the 2017/2018 Marine Fisher and Non-Fisher Survey. Your efforts in replying to our survey, and your accurate reporting, are very appreciated!!

Surveying recreational fishers catch (in addition to commercial fishers) is vital to the assessment of the stock of fish and other marine life in New Zealand. The information is used to better understand the situation of different species in our waters, and to help in the sustainable management of our fisheries.

The survey is all about the general public's recreational fishing in New Zealand's coastal waters and runs from October 2017 to the end of September 2018. As a survey participant, we are most interested to find out if you went fishing (any method at all) in any given week, and if you did, what was caught. We are also interested to hear if you didn't go fishing, because this is how we build a statistical picture of our fisheries. We are surveying very avid fishers, people who fish infrequently and some who usually don't fish at all. Everyone's answers are equally important to us.

About Prizes
We hope those invited into this survey will stay in it because they realize it is a much needed piece of research for the benefit of recreational marine fishers! However there are also random spot prizes to encourage you and thank you for your ongoing participation. This includes weekly draws (wine case or Fitbit Activity Tracker) and several major prizes for either an iPad Pro or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. We notify all winners and also post their names here: FishingSurveySpotPrizes

How often we contact you
How often we contact you, whether by text or by phone, depends on how frequently you go fishing. If you are a regular fisher, we plan to contact you weekly, but fortnightly in the winter. We do this so any fishing is fresh in your mind! We contact less regular fishers less often.

If you feel you are being contacted too frequently, or not often enough for the amount of fishing you are doing, let our telephone interviewers know this, and they will adjust how often we contact you. You can also email us about this at

About Texting
If we have asked you to text reply to us, please do this, as it is quick and easy for both you and us. All texts to us are FREE. When you get a text request to ask if you went fishing during a specified period, you simply reply YES if you did go fishing, or NO if you didn't. You don't need to add any other information because we ring for any further details we need. If you would like to stop us texting to you, just text STOP or tell us if/when we ring you.

It would be helpful if you could reply promptly to text requests. This is because we need to process all the replies weekly and follow up some with a phone call. Please try to text back to us either straight away (usually Sunday night), or at least before 11am on the following Monday morning. If you text later than this we can't use that information. But don't worry if you are out of range, or you occasionally forget. We will find out about any missed period at a later stage.

About Telephone Interviews
Any telephone interviews with you will be very brief and to the point. We do hope you take the trouble to allow us to catch up with you - we promise to be as quick as possible! If you have any preferred times you would like us to call, please let our interviewers know. They will log this and adjust our calling time to suit.

Memory Jogger
Some people like to write down their fishing to help them remember. Click Download Memory Jogger if you would like a handy form to print off. However it is not essential. We will contact you frequently so your memory of recent fishing or not is fresh. If you would like us to post you the form, just email or ring 0800 672 476.

Identifying Species You Have Caught
Some people will catch species they do not recognise, or they may just want to check. When we first contacted you we will have given you a pamphlet with a few images of marine species to help you (it also has a map of the general fishing areas). For an online copy click Download Fishing Survey Pamphlet. You can also email or ring as for another copy if you wish.

If you wish to find out more about fish species, the web is pretty useful. Here is a site which is particularly good.

United Fisheries (has over 60 species)

Fishing Areas
Actually you don't need to know too much about the areas you have fished in. Our interviewers will talk through it with you when/if they ring. We just need to place you in general areas. We don't need to find out your exact fishing spots and certainly won't tell others about them! If you are interested to find out more about the areas we use for this survey click Download Fishing Survey Area Maps.

Further Information
Please feel free to contact us at or ring 0800 672 476.



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