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Focus Group Research

"Sometimes achieving a depth of understanding is more valuable than precise statistical and numerical measurement."

Focus group research (discussion group technique) is a strong specialty area of NRB.

NRB is able to offer the services of experienced qualitative research executives with qualifications in psychology, sociology, marketing and other applied social sciences.

Our services include project design, organising group specifications and recruiting, provision of focus group facilities with full client viewing, group moderating, analysis and interpretation of findings together with a full and understandable presentation of results.

NRB routinely conducts and reports on small numbers of groups for rapid research needs - or can organise large numbers of focus groups in locations throughout New Zealand for community consultations and large scale qualitative style projects

Some key uses of our qualitative research services that clients have found useful include:

  • New product development (e.g. concept testing)
  • Creative development (e.g. advertisements)
  • Exploratory research
  • Diagnostic studies
  • Tactical research studies

An ongoing interest of NRB is in the various techniques of anchoring response of individuals within the focus group setting. One such technique is the use of the highly regarded US developed Perception Analyzer™ and this can be incorporated with the more traditional focus group methods if required and appropriate.

For further information contact Jeremy Wynne-Jones or Andy Heinemann at NRB ph: (09) 6300 655


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