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Online Research

Using the internet and online channels to develop smarter survey and market research strategies.

The internet can be an effective way to conduct surveys and gather market research and social research. The benefits of using the internet and digital channels as a means of gathering data include:

  • Lower costs, less overheads to budget for,
  • Fast turnaround from a survey being written, uploaded, and sent out quickly,
  • Data is available on-demand,
  • Questionnaires are flexible and can be changed easily,
  • Reduced 'Hawthorne effect', respondents are more comfortable to be themselves when not communicating directly with an interviewer,
  • Convenience for respondent.
National Research Bureau's experienced professionals are experts in creating online research strategies, that appeal to respondents, which in turn generate accurate and useful data.

If you would like to talk to NRB about how online research can be useful to your project, contact us.
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The difference with National Research Bureau is our 40 plus years of experience with quality research design and implementation. Though the internet has enabled many organisations to conduct their own research, the quality of such research will only ever be as accurate and reliable as the people designing and executing the questionnaire and its methodology.

That is the benefit of working with National Research Bureau.

Our researchers and statisticians are trained and experienced professionals, who are able to use the online/digital medium to its full effect.

National Research Bureau is able to:

professional expert online research company   Offer objective and professional advice on whether web research is right for you, and the best way to go about it
Create professional Online research survey design   Design surveys and questionnaires using our team of professional researchers, who use experience and best practices
professional online research programmes   Use more professional survey software and programmes, allowing for more advanced research projects and data analysis
Integrate web online survey with phone telephone webcam video   Integrate online research with video and telephone research where suitable – more than just self-complete forms
Test online web survey   Professionally pilot-test web research and methodology, in order to maximise a given survey's accuracy and effectiveness
Email invite for online web survey questionnaire   Optimize research invitations that generate more responses and enhance participation rate
Research house web survey questionnaire   Reassure respondents that NRB is a research house, we have no need to keep nor on-sell their contact information
Online web survey using database   Flexibility to use your own database, or a self-enrolment of voluntary sample (available across New Zealand, Australia, and UK).

If you have a research project in mind that you feel could be conducted online, feel free to contact us; our team of professional researchers would be happy to advise you on how we can make your research project valid and effective.

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