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Perception Analyzer™

Perception Analyzer
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Developed and widely used in the US over several decades, the Perception Analyzer™ is an electronic system that records respondent's emotive or cognitive reactions to any form of test material (e.g. advertising, concepts, video or TV material).

The results are continuously transmitted to a specialised computer system, which can analyse either an individual or a group response at any point during a presentation.

Applications include:

  • Advertising testing in a focus group setting (finished TVC, animatic or storyboard)
  • Determining an audience's real time response to election speeches
  • Evaluation of audience interest or enjoyment of new TV program material or movie
  • Educational applications (e.g. response to lecture formats, presenters, content)


Results can be displayed graphically in real time, for instance for clients viewing focus groups who wish to see how participants react to a television ad.

Data gathered at different places or times can also be combined, sorted etc. during a projects analysis stage.

The Perception Analyzer™ can be used for: continuous evaluation of any length material, to record discrete (categorical) questions, continuous scale questions, or for trade-off analysis.

One of the measures usefully dialed in advertising research is likeability. Advertising research shows that 'liking' is strongly linked to receptivity to an advertisements message, and an important ingredient in generating 'emotional connection' with a brand.

The Perception Analyzer™ is one of the few effective ways of measuring response to continuous stimuli and has been well received in New Zealand by key consumer marketers, ad agencies,TV companies and Government agencies.

For further information please contact our qualitative research department.

Perception Analyzer™ Trace:
Global Plus TVC Sample: 40 women aged 30-50 Attribute: Likeability


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