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National Research Bureau Transcription Service

Offering the accurate, timely, and secure transcription of sensitive data since 1968.

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Having a copy of your organisation's data transcribed into digital form makes business more effective.
It frees up physical space, makes retrieval and searching through old files much quicker and easier, and it gives the professional more time to focus on the real important matters.

Many organisations are now enjoying the efficiencies that an electronic archive and outsourced transcription can offer.

For that, NRB is your ideal company for transcription services. For over 30 years, our in-house team of professionals have been involved in transcribing sensitive and private information that adheres to strict ethical guidelines, and meets client (both public and private sector) expectations. We have shaped our service to demands where accuracy, privacy, and security are paramount.

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This makes us well suited for:

Medical Transcripts

Legal Transcripts

Accounting Data Entry

Insurance Transcripts

Research Data

Other forms of confidential information

Accurate and Professional

As mentioned, our organisation has been transcribing private confidential documents for over 30 years. Our professionals work on-site in a secure office location.


We aim for a maximum 3-day turnaround from transcription from hard copy (physical) to soft copy (computer files). Usually, transcription can be finished within just one working day.


Our transcription service is competitively priced to market standards. Talk to us about your job, and we can create a payment option that best fits your needs.

Secure, Private, Confidential

Our transcription process is built to adhere to the strict privacy and security policies outlined by various public institutions such as Universities and Government Departments.
A full run-down of our security and privacy measure can be found by clicking here.

Easy Access electronic Storage Facilities

NRB is able to store electronic documents on our own password-protected secure server, that you can easily This can be a good option for organisations who wish to have an off-site document storage. Contact us to find out more about our private server.

International Service

Our service is open to international clients. Documents can be faxed, emailed, or submitted through a secure file exchange web service to our office in Auckland, New Zealand. From here, we will transcribe your documents, and send you password-protected electronic files through file exchange or email.
We are also able to transcribe documents in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese upon request, contact us for more information.

File Return and File Destruction

NRB adheres to privacy and security standards of its clients. We offer a range of range of methods for securely returning documents, or document destruction if needed. Contact us to discuss your options with regards to file return or file destruction.



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