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TVCEffect™ is a recent update to NRB's line up of products used to measure the effectiveness of television commercials. It incorporates the usual aspects of quantitative style ad-testing, but also includes further measurement techniques which clients have found of particular use in determining how their ads actually influence their target audiences. NRB sees the new testing system as a thorough, non-nonsense and more cost effective approach to advertising testing, with results that are easy to understand and use.

TVCEffect™ applications include:

  • Pre-testing TVCs - How effective is the ad and are there any areas for improvement?
  • Post-testing - Is your ad wearing out, or is it still working well with key audiences?
  • Competitive tests - How effective is the ad compared with your previous ads, and those of your competitors?

The TVCEffect™ system initially tests whether the ad has the ability to stand out in a station break. Without this ability, the ads ability to put over positioning or sales points is greatly compromised.

Once attention is secured, an ad can succeed or fail in a myriad of different ways. NRB's testing system summarises these into ten domains - a level of detail sufficient to profile what is, and what is not working well enough to produce overall effectiveness.

Purchase interest is a key output, with the test looking for reinforcement of those already buying, and movement among those that are not.

One of the ten domains measured is that of 'liking' of the ad, which is known to be a key factor in an ads effectiveness. An overall score is provided for this attribute, as well as an analysis of the level of 'liking' of the ad on a moment to moment basis. This is achieved by use of the well proved Perception Analyzer™ system.

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